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 ~Mature Board Rules~

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PostSubject: ~Mature Board Rules~   Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:55 pm

I know some of the freak shit that goes on in Mature boards because I am one of the freaky Mature board lovers. They do things that others do not do. It is like forbidden fruit man, Cookies and all. There are going to be strict rules with this board, but sometimes things happen that need rules.

● No Furries loving; despite being the Zoan fruit. There is are some problems with furries other wise. They must be in human form not half human and animal form.
●You gotta be 16 and older; Sure you character's age matters just make sure they are over 16. Otherwise GTFO, Yes There could be some cougar loving like Hancock and Luffy.
●This board is not only used for Sex, it is also for gore, murders and other goodies. Do know if you are in a really bad situation GTFO or your character will die, Admins will turn their backs on the proof on this. You didn't get out on time without knowing that your character can die in 16+ and anywhere on the boards. But this is where you DON'T Need permission from the other character to kill...Yes there can be rape but please say something to the other owner and they must be okay with it. I am not having whinny little hoes crying.
●Don't Post pictures of porn, dispute my own flaws of sexy pictures, you can post sexy pictures on the image board of YOUR character and YOU MUST give an 16+ Warning. I will murder if you don't.
●Godmodding... GO right ahead, this is only place where mass murdering is allowed.

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~Mature Board Rules~
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