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 ~Cannons Islands & Towns~

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PostSubject: ~Cannons Islands & Towns~   Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:39 am

NOW HERE IS A LIST!! I HAVE PUT TOGETHER! I need you to start crating them and the palaces on that island. Keten,If you can work with Thriller Bark and the location it is in. I was confused on what to do with it. Now Everyone else! You have this to guide you as well. Now if there are more islands that were talked about but are not on here please add them onto the list. <3 Now if there is no places noted in the area, make them up. Show me your creativity!

[] = Unfinished
[x]=Work in Progress

When I mean finished Places and areas of the place all the places that are noted in the Anime/Manga, Branches etc. Places that are atleast noted!

Note: Yes, These are the Islands, OP wiki others locations like Loguetown is on here but the Island was unknown. Don't forget to put these on there too.


[x]Amazon Lily
[]Angel Island
[x]Banaro Island
[x]Boin Archipelago
[x]Cactus Island
[x]Dawn Island
[x]Drum Island
[]Eight Nine Island
[√]Enies Lobby
[]Fireworks Island
[x]Fishman Island
[]Foolshout Island
[x]Gecko Islands
[x]Goat Island
[x]Island of Rare Animals
[x]Karakuri Island
[x]Karate Island
[x]Kenzan Island
[x]Konomi Islands
[x]Kumate Island
[x]Kuraigana Island
[x]Kyuka Island
[]Little East Blue
[x]Little Garden
[x]Long Ring Long Land
[]Machine Island
[x]Mirrorball Island
[x]Momoiro Island
[]Namakura Island
[x]Organ Islands
[x]Sabaody Archipelago
[x]Scrap Island
[]Thriller Bark
[x]Torino Kingdom
[x]Ukkari Hot-Spring Island
[]Upper Yard
[x]Warship Island
[x]Yukiryu Island


[x]Mock Town
[x]Orange Town
[x]San Faldo
[x]Shells Town
[x]St. Poplar
[x]Water 7
[x]Whiskey Peak

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~Cannons Islands & Towns~
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