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 ~Cannon Rules~

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PostSubject: ~Cannon Rules~   Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:43 pm

Yes, Yes there are going to be rules for the Cannon Characters because I am going to get pissed at someone who being an OOC dumbass, and I rather not see these characters be ripped into shreds. These rules be will be followed by strictly and without a complain from anyone, because I kinda tired of fan girls who claw at the guys. See I am a fangirl, but I don't claw at someone or beg them to take someone so I can have a relationship with that character, that is rude right off the back.

YOU HAVE TO WRITE A ROLEPLAY SAMPLE FOR THE CANNON. It has to be at least three to five paragraphs because I don't want a bunch of slackers (even through I am one myself) hogging the good characters away.
YOU CANNOT TAKE A CANNON CHARACTER SO YOUR OTHER OC/CANNON CAN HAVE A ROMANCE. I will personally bring my shot gun to the MM With you, please do know. I do not take kind to stupid people
● Cannon x OC, now I am getting sexy with this rule. We will allow, BUT if only if the person with the cannon allows it, it can end anytime, remember it is like real life, people can move on. Plus If I see you have another account to backslash the other rule do know that is a two week ban. I do look at IP and watch how people Roleplay.
● For Cannon x Cannon Relationship, we don't care as long as it has proof and good bit of the Admins have to be for it. For example, Luffy x Nami, and SanjixNami, as staff we would vote, than we would allow the members to vote.
ANOTHER THING, IF YOU ARE SO DAMN STUPID AND POST AND SPAM THE PERSON WHO HAS THE CANNON WITH CANNON X OC Art do know. That...IS...NOT...REAL... I will personally shove my foot up your tush.
● To be a Cannon Character you must be active no matter what, and have to be on longer than a month.
●Please stay in character, and if you are too into character you will be loved forever by the entire staff.

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~Cannon Rules~
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